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Mrs. Nalbach

School Counselor

Cristina Nalbach

Hello, I am Mrs. Nalbach and this is my fifth year at Vista del Mar Elementary School.  I'm so happy to be your child's school counselor and part of the Vista del Mar community.  My goal is to support your child's social emotional needs and academic goals.  Through out the year, students will receive Second Step and Social Emotional Lessons, which will reinforce skills for learning, empathy, emotion management, problem solving skills, and college and career readiness. Students may also be invited to join group counseling or school counseling workshops during the year. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding school counseling services for your child, please do not hesitate to contact me by email or phone.   

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Say Something Campaign

Counselor's Corner

Virtual School Counseling Information

Hello Makos!  I know this is a challenging time but don't worry, we are going to get through this together!  Please check out the Counselor Corner for additional resources.  If you need to get in touch with me, please have your parents email me at  Staff, students, and parents can complete a referral form for school counseling services.  The referral forms can be found on the right hand side of the Counselor Corner.    

Mrs. Nalbach's Counselor Treehouse
Mental Health Resources 

OC Links ((855) 625-4657: Behavioral Health Information and Referrals

Crisis Suicide Hotline: (877) 727-4747

Child Protective Services Hotline: (714) 940-1000 

Domestic Violence National Hotline (800) 799-7233

Crisis Assessment Team (CAT):     (866) 830-6011

*For assessment & evaluation of individuals experiencing psychiatric emergencies, including threats to harm self, others, or gravely disabled


Covid-19 OC Health Care Agency
Second STEP Program

  The Second Step program is a social-emotional learning curriculum delivered via classroom guidance lessons by the counselor to all students. Second Step is designed to promote skills and attitudes that increase students' success in school, help them get along with others, and create a positive school climate in order to prevent school violence and bullying.

What is social-emotional learning?

  • Recognizing emotions in oneself and others 
  • Managing strong emotions
  • Having empathy for others
  • Controlling impulses
  • Communicating clearly and assertively 
  • Maintaining cooperative relationships
  • Making responsible decisions 
  • Solving problems effectively

Second Step lessons for elementary grades include:

  • Listening & Focusing Attention
  • Respect, Empathy, & Compassion
  • Identifying Feelings 
  • Emotion Management & Calming Down
  • Problem Solving 

For more information on Second Step click here.

If you are interested in learning how to connect Second Step at home and implement the concepts in the home setting, please click on the following link: Second Step Home Links.

*Please note that not all lessons have home links.

Mako Mediators

What is Mako Mediators?

Mako Mediators is a conflict management program designed for students to assist their peers in non-physical disputes.  A Mako Mediator will not take sides during a dispute, but will provide disputants problem solving steps to come to a reasonable solution.  

Who can join?

In order to become a Mako Mediator, students must be in 4th or 5th grade, able to show that they are leaders among their peers, effective problem solvers, and good listeners.   Students who participate in Mako Mediators will gain confidence in their ability to help others, will learn to get along better at school and at home, and will become role models for their peers.  

Mako Mediators contribute to a positive school environment and make Vista del Mar Elementary a wonderful place to learn.  

As a Mako Mediator, you will be responsible to attend training on campus along with missing some class time to resolve conflicts. Candidates will be selected by their teacher and will need parent permission to participate.  Mediators will need to complete their work and demonstrate outstanding citizenship.

If you have any questions regarding the conflict manager program, please do not hesitate to contact Cristina Nalbach, School Counselor, at (949) 234-5950 or


Contact information:


Phone: (949) 234-5950

*Please leave a confidential voicemail, if I am not available*

If this is a mental health emergency, please call 911

Days and Hours

Monday - Thursday
8 am - 3 pm

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Rules of Confidentiality

School Counseling Services
  • Social, Emotional & Academic Support Groups
  • Short term Individual Counseling
  • Family Support
  • Classroom Support & Classroom Lessons
  • Student Workshops
  • Lunch Bunch
  • School Wide Programs: Mako Mediators, Kindness Week, Red Ribbon Week
CUSD School Counseling Program Vision Statement

The School Counseling Program strives to provide opportunities so that every student will acquire the social-emotional, academic, and career skills to reach their fullest educational potential and successfully manage their lives as healthy, responsible, competent and productive citizens who respect themselves and others.

CUSD School Counseling Program Mission Statement

The mission of Capistrano Unified School District School Counselors is to provide a comprehensive counseling program that supports the whole child. School Counselors will focus on the needs, interests, and issues related to social-emotional, academic, and college/career development of all students through a multi-tiered system of support. School Counselors will advocate, collaborate and facilitate actions that promote a positive school climate, provide an opportunity for all students to access their education and achieve personal and academic success to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world.